Carol singing
Staff members sang carols and Christmas songs to help raise money for Blue Skye Thinking
Sponsored walk
The children walked (and ran) to raise money for Blue Skye Thinking
Snow Day
Reception class managed to build a little snowman!
Christmas dinner
Our amazing kitchen staff - Kelly, Sara & Sheila - were ready for action!
World Book Day
Lots of volunteers came throughout the day to read with the children
The circus came to town! Ringmaster Lazlo told us about the history of circus
A fine example of a diorama!
Year 5 Survival Day
Do marshmallows count as survival food?!
Sun Dome
Thank you to the Culham Centre for bringing the Sun Dome for Years 5 & 6
Salvete omnes! Years 3 & 4 visited Chedworth Roman villa
Sports Day
The sun shone, the crowds roared!
Year 3 & 4 children created an authentic Roman meal
Election fever
Year 4 created their own political parties and ran a General Election
Farmer Gow's
Nursery children and parents meet the pigs!
Sponsored scoot
The Nursery children prepare to scoot to raise money for Blue Skye Thinking
Castle Day
The Reception class made bread (and butter) to enjoy at their medieval banquet
Go girls!
Football 2
Let's hope for a victory!
Cross country
Keeping warm before the race begins!
Children in Need
Sonic the Hedgehog popped in to help with Phonics!
Children in Need
Super Mario vs Supergirl!
The Nursery children waited patiently to perform their version of the nativity story
A safe way to watch an eclipse? Watch its reflection in water
Years 5 & 6 designed and created working carousels
Law & Order
Year 6 welcomed magistrates into school to teach them about court processes
Children in Need
A line of coins can raise a HUGE amount of money!
Year 5 visited the Oxford Synagogue to learn about Judaism
Year 5 learnt about electricity and circuits
Tag Rugby
A quick team talk before the match!
Harry Potter day
Year 5 ended their Literacy theme with a Harry Potter day. Great costumes!
Mini Olympics
Year 5 boys went to Abingdon School for the mini Olympics
Mexico Day
Year 1 went all the way to Mexico without leaving their classroom!
Polar Day
Years 1 & 2 learnt all about the North & South Poles
As part of their RE lessons, Year 1 had their own wedding
They made their instruments, now they'll play them!
House event
Will the egg break when dropped to the ground . . . ?
Mathematical learning
Year 2 made 3D shapes with (uncooked) spaghetti and marshmallows
STEAM museum
Years 1 & 2 visited the STEAM museum in Swindon
Reception class visited the local Tesco store for the "Farm to Fork" trail
Yellow Cheetahs
Red Scorpions
Blue Dolphins
Green Turtles
Fire Safety
Year 1 learn about safety with a trip from some firefighters


Our vision at Long Furlong . . .

is to be an outstanding school which:

*  Enables each and every pupil to develop the necessary life skills to prepare them for the future

*  Enables each and every pupil to make the very best progress and achieve the very best results that they’re capable of

*  Has the confidence of parents, carers and the wider community

*  Offers an attractive, safe and stimulating environment for teaching, learning and play that is organised, staffed and managed to achieve the highest standards

*  Is a challenging, stimulating and rewarding place to work


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