Full Governing Board meeting – 22.04.24.

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The meeting was quorate.  The minutes of the meeting held 19th March 2024 were approved as accurate.

Headteacher’s Report

Dr Crellin reported the following:

Transition: Smooth start for her as the new Headteacher, with positive feedback from staff, parents, and pupils.

Safeguarding: One minor issue arose, which was handled in accordance with school policy. Changes to staff and visitor ID lanyards will be implemented to enhance security.

Pupils’ Behaviour: Generally very good; continuous reinforcement of positive behaviour is planned.

Staffing: Year 4 teacher maternity cover has been advertised for September 2024.

Current Focus Areas: Emphasis on curriculum consistency, documentation, implementation, and delivery.


The 2024-27 budget was discussed and approved. The discussion is confidential and minuted separately; it is not publicly available.