At Long Furlong, we’re keen to encourage our children’s interest in emerging technologies.  Through the Computing curriculum we’re able to teach aspects such as programming (using programmable toys, animation, etc), creating e-books, taking and editing digital images, collaboration via email and teleconference, developing simple educational games, producing digital music, designing mobile apps . . . and much more.

We’re also very conscious of the need to help children to keep themselves safe, both in ‘real life’ and the digital world.  Online safety encompasses not only Internet technologies but also electronic communications via mobile phones, games consoles and wireless technology. It highlights the need to educate children and young people about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using information technology.  We have an Online Safety/Social Media policy, and procedures for recording and investigating any incidents that might arise, and children are taught about these issues through the curriculum.

If something has happened online that has made your child – or you – feel worried or unsafe, you should click on the CEOP link (below and in the footer of the website) and report it.  The CEOP site also has a wide range of help and advice for parents, children and young people.





General advice can be accessed here:


Our thanks go to Alan Mackenzie, , for producing and sharing newsletters for parents/carers about e-safety.  Please have a browse to find out more about different ways of helping your child keep him or herself safe online:


For other free resources to use with your child, please visit the ThinkUKnow website.  Another useful resource is Vodafone’s “Digital Parenting” magazine, the most recent of which can be accessed by clicking here.

If you have any concerns or queries in this respect, regarding issues in or out of school, please get in touch.