There is a school uniform which all pupils are expected to wear; a full list is can be found here.

Please label all items of school uniform with your child’s name.

Shoes: For safety reasons, no high-heeled fashion shoes or open-toe shoes are to be worn. Please label your child’s shoes and trainers with his or her name.

PE: Children should have black shorts and a plain white T shirt for PE and a tracksuit or sweat shirt/school hoody and jogging bottoms for outdoor games in the winter months. Children with long hair should bring a ‘tie’ so that they are able to tie hair back during lesson

Swimming: Children will go swimming during their junior years. In addition to a swimming costume children must wear a swimming hat. If you wish your child to wear goggles in school swimming lessons, you will need to send written permission.

Earrings: We request that children do not wear earrings or other jewellery and your co-operation with this request is much appreciated. Children with pierced ears may wear plain studs if necessary. If your child does wear studs then they must be able to remove and replace their earring entirely independently. Pupils will always be asked to remove their earrings before PE lessons unless they have been recently pierced, in which case they will be covered with tape. After 6 weeks from piercing, we have been informed that there is no danger of the piercing closing up in the duration of a PE lesson. Thank you for your co-operation.

Accessories: plain hairbands, clips and hair ties may be worn.  We discourage hair braiding/beads.  Pupils are not permitted to wear nail polish in school.


How to Order Uniform

Uniform can be ordered from the school office using this link 

or you can order from Brigade online here

or you can order from Tesco F&F School Uniform Embroidery Service here.