Our Eco-councillors for 2021-22 are:

  • Year 1 – Evelyn, Lydia, Finley
  • Year 2 – Kyle & Lewis
  • Year 3 – Benjamin, Annabelle, Aoife-Mae, Sam, Chloe, Helena, Thomas
  • Year 4 – Henry, Jacob, Jannat, Caitlyn, George
  • Year 5 – Hannah, Noah, Halle, Sofia, Hanna
  • Year 6 – Ethan, Heidi, Ieuan


These are some of the thing that the Eco Council does:

  • helps keep the school and the environment clean and tidy
  • Plant fruit, vegetables and flowers
  • We empty the fruit waste bins daily and use the contents to make compost for the school vegetable garden
  • We make sure there are plants in every classroom and we are responsible for watering them

We have written an Eco-Code for the whole school:

Eco Warriors Help The World!

Look after the plants inside and out,

Pick up the litter as you walk about.

Look after the wildlife and the bees,

Oxygen comes from the trees.

Recycle paper every day,

Our world will be much better that way.

Put your compost in the bin.

Then the eco team will win.

Feed the birds and they will sing,

Global warming is a terrible thing.

Our energy comes from the sun,

Solar panels help everyone.

And don’t forget,

Eco Warriors Save The World!