We feel it is important for pupils to be involved in the organisation of the running of the school. If they have an idea that would be beneficial to the school they have a right to suggest it. If they feel some things are not fair they have the right to say so. We believe that pupils should also have opportunities to discuss matters which concern them. The School Council meets fortnightly, during lesson time (reflecting the importance we place upon it). There are 2 representatives, 1 boy and 1 girl, from each of the years 1-6. One of the Year 6 children is elected by this group as chair and a member of staff acts as facilitator. The children serve a year’s term of office, but can do so only once in the Lower Juniors and once in the Upper Juniors. They are given a certificate commemorating their contribution at the end of their term of office. Matters that are discussed are reported verbally back to their fellow classmates, posted on the School Council notice board and reported at staff meetings. Where appropriate items are brought to the Governors’ meetings.

Our 2023-24 School Council members are:

Y1- Ajooni and Jude
Y2- George and Charlotte
Y3- Jaxson and MIranda
Y4- Jax and Ariana
Y5- Henry and Whitney
Y6- Vaya and Adniel