Dressing up days are such fun
Bringing books to life
Baking for our 'Great Fire of London' day
Our Race for Life event was a huge success
House events are held regularly
School productions!
Enjoying the outdoors on an educational visit
A fun end to the year at Legoland
Fundraising at its best
The nativity always has that "awwww" factor!
Macmillan coffee morning
Mummies at Long Furlong!
House & Vice Captains



Our vision at Long Furlong . . .

The vision is the strategic direction of Long Furlong which involves our governors as well as staff and the wider school community.

We have our ‘Vision Tree’ at the entrance of the school, which shows our vision is for all members of Long Furlong to:

  • be self-motivated, enthusiastic, life-long learners
  • thrive because they feel cared-for, understood and valued
  • care for each other and the world around them

Our Vision will be achieved by five strategic aims (which can be seen on the branches of the Vision Tree ):

  • a caring and enabling environment
  • to be aspirational and ambitious
  • a progressive and communicative school that is outward looking
  • empowered leadership (pupils and adults)
  • determined professionalism.


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