Welcome to Long Furlong School!

If you are looking for a Reception Class place for your child in 2021, we are pleased to offer opportunities for you to get to know our school and staff as follows:

Virtual Tours

Welcome to Long Furlong – Virtual Tour (Smilebox version)

Welcome to Long Furlong – Virtual Tour (Flipbook version)

Explore our Reception Class & Outdoor Spaces

Outside Tours of Long Furlong

We are also hoping, if the national lockdown is lifted, to offer outside tours of the school on a Saturday in December (potentially the 12th), from 10am – 1pm. You can meet the Headteacher, Reception Class Teacher and Long Furlong Governors to give you a real feel for the school. CLICK HERE to book a tour. We will get in touch in early December to confirm if we can offer the tours and what date/time they will be at.



The vision is the strategic direction of Long Furlong which involves our governors, staff and the wider school community.

Our vision is for all members of Long Furlong to:

  • be self-motivated, enthusiastic, life-long learners
  • thrive because they feel cared-for, understood and valued
  • care for each other and the world around them

Our Vision will be achieved by five strategic aims:

  • a caring and enabling environment
  • a culture of aspiration and ambition
  • determined and professional teaching
  • empowered leadership throughout
  • a progressive and communicative school


School Values

In school we promote a set of values which we believe enable children to become effective learners and responsible citizens. We have identified the following list as our five core values:

  • Respect
  • Compassion
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Resilience

The staff promote these values by modelling them at all times, through assemblies, through curriculum teaching, e.g. PHSE, and by implementing the school’s Behaviour Policy (located on the Policies & Procedures page).

Important Notices

  • Welcome. Welcome to our school website; we hope that you will find everything you want to know about our school here but if there is anything that you cannot find, please do not hesitate to contact us






Please note, copies of the documents on this website can be made available from the school office.